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Potsticker Grazing Board

This easy Asian-inspired dinner comes together on a sheet pan with the microwave doing the cooking. Try this recipe for a quick and fun weeknight dinner.

Serves 6
Ready in 20 mins
Prep time 10 mins
Cooking time 10 mins
380 calories per serving


> 1/2 (16 oz) bag frozen edamame in pods
> 1/3 cup wasabi peas (optional)
> 1 (24 oz) pkg Ling Ling® Potstickers (Chicken or Pork)
> 2 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce
> 2 tbsp rice vinegar
> 2 tsp sesame oil (optional)
> 1/4 cup Blue Dragon ® Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
> 1 lb frozen extra-large cooked shrimp, thawed
> 1 (12 oz) pkg mini cucumbers, halved
> 1 (10 oz) pkg mango spears
> Chili powder (optional)


To a large microwavable dish, add the edamame and ¼ cup water. Cover loosely with lid or plastic wrap. Microwave on high 5 min. Drain, season with salt and place on a 13x18-inch sheet pan. Add the wasabi peas, if desired, to a second small bowl and place on sheet pan.
To a second large microwavable dish, add half of the potstickers and 1 tbsp water. Cover with a wet paper towel. Microwave on high 2 min. Transfer heated potstickers to a large serving platter. Repeat with remaining potstickers.
Meanwhile, in a small bowl or ramekin, combine the soy sauce, vinegar, 2 tbsp water, and the sesame oil, if desired. To a second small bowl or ramekin, add the sweet chili sauce. Add sauce bowls and potstickers to sheet pan. Fill in sheet pan with the shrimp and cucumbers. Add the mango spears and sprinkle with the chili powder, if desired.

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