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Strawberry Santa Sticks

Get kids involved in the kitchen with this fun and festive sweet treat.

Serves 16
Ready in 15 mins
Prep time 15 mins
88 calories per serving


> 16 mini brownie bites
> 16 large strawberries
> 6 marshmallows
> 16 mini marshmallows
> Wooden skewers
> 1 tube decorating gel, white


Slice off domed tops of brownie bites. Slice off green tops of the strawberries. With kitchen shears, snip each larger marshmallow into 3 slices.
Onto a wooden skewer, thread 1 brownie bite with trimmed side up. Thread 1 marshmallow slice onto skewer. Add 1 strawberry, pointed side up. Attach a mini marshmallow on the tip of skewer as pompom.
Repeat with remaining skewers, brownie bites, marshmallow slices, strawberries, and mini marshmallows. Draw smiley faces on the brownies with the decorating gel.

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