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7 Simple Refreshers You Can Enjoy All Day

Endless hours of fun in the sun call for a serious supply of chug-worthy hydration. Skip the pricy coffee shop coolers and sugary canned drinks with easy DIY refreshers that let you stay home and chill.
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These seven thirst-quenching sips are bursting with naturally sweet fruit flavor to beat the heat and stay refreshed and hydrated all day long. 

Summer Fruit Agua Frescas

Agua frescas, aka “fresh water,” are a popular drink throughout the hot climate of Central America. Mix and match any of your favorite summer fruits for an endlessly customizable, not-too-sweet cooler served over ice. 

Blackberry Citrus Mocktails

This honey-sweetened mocktail combines three bold fruit flavors in one 5-minute simple syrup. Fresh blackberries (or substitute frozen) mixed with the bright zing of orange and lime juices gets bubbly lift topped off with chilled seltzer.  

Strawberry Arnold Palmers

This berry-loaded take on the classic Arnold Palmer is way above par. A pound of ripe summer strawberries adds sweet flavor and bright red color to bottled iced tea mixed with freshly squeezed lemonade.   

Citrus Iced Green Tea

Dial up the flavor on summer iced tea with this citrus-spiked version ready in 10 minutes. Antioxidant-rich bottled green tea becomes even more refreshing with a trio of lemon, lime, and orange juices and the pop of fresh mint. 

Blueberry Lemonade Slushies

Two ingredients, water, and ice are all you need for these vibrant blue slushies that look as good as they taste. Lemonade drink mix and frozen blueberries combine for a sweet-tart sip that’s ready to refresh in 10 minutes.  

Raspberry Citrus Ade

If you like your refreshment both sweet and sour, this upgraded version of lemonade might become your go-to summer drink. Fresh grapefruit and lime juices add extra citrus zing to freshly squeezed lemonade with the sweetness of raspberries.   

Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

Why serve regular lemonade when you can triple the flavor factor? Juicy watermelon, raspberries, and fresh mint turn bottled lemonade into next-level refreshment.  

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