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7 Super Easy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

It's time we let you in on our best-kept secret—rotisserie chicken from our deli. Not only is it delicious on its own, but it is also a simple ingredient you can include in recipes to get dinner on the table fast! 
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Red Chicken Enchiladas   

Let our store-made rotisserie chicken make this family favorite a weeknight staple.  With only 5 ingredients total, this recipe will be on table in 30 minutes!   

Chicken Parm Casserole     

Rotisserie chicken puts a new twist on this classic Italian dish, and makes it so much easier to get on the table on a busy night!  Reheat for lunches during the week or make into individual portions for easy heat-up dinners!

Orange-Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl     

Take out may be easy and delicious, but its not always the most nutritious option.  Here is a simple way to make your own take-out inspired recipe that you can feel good about.  Best part, because you are using store-made rotisserie chicken, this meal can be on the table in 30 minutes!

Mac and Cheese with Rotisserie Chicken   

Tortellini and store made rotisserie chicken from the deli give your standard mac & cheese a flavorful update.  With only 5 ingredients, this recipe is still super simple and a weeknight meal that everyone in the family will love!

Chicken and Ravioli Cordon Bleu  

This tasty recipe uses some time-saving items to put a delicious twist on this French culinary classic. 

Looking for a quick weeknight meal – our Chicken and Ravioli Cordon Bleu has only 5 ingredients, 4 of which can all be picked up in our deli! 

Chicken Soup with Lemon and Rice    

We all start to crave comfort foods as the weather starts to get colder, but you don’t always have the time to spend in the kitchen during this busy season.  Rotisserie Chicken is a great addition to soups to save valuable prep time – try our Chicken Soup with Lemon and Rice for a quick weeknight dinner.  

Chicken and Rice Casserole   

Make this casserole a part of your plan every week.  By using rotisserie chicken, not only do you save time and get dinner done fast, but you have a balanced meal you can feel good about serving your family.

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