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Five Ways to Flex: The Easy Family Flexitarian Meal Plan 7
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Five Ways to Flex: The Easy Family Flexitarian Meal Plan

By now, you probably know that plant-based eating is a smart choice for your body, your wallet, and the planet. However, for many families, a complete diet overhaul isn’t realistic. Good news: Replacing meat with vegetarian options even a few times per week – a.k.a. going “flexitarian” – is enough to improve the nutrition and environmental sustainability of your family meals.
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Rather than strictly eliminating
any one food, the flexitarian approach to eating encourages moderation. Using
fresh produce and plant-powered protein sources, flexitarian cooking is about
incorporating more – more
variety, more nutrients, more tastes and textures – into satisfying,
well-balanced meals. Meat can still be enjoyed on occasion but consider it a
flavorful addition instead of the main star.

These tasty,
flexitarian-friendly recipes are packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein.
They’re also loaded with so much crowd-pleasing flavor, we bet no one will miss
the meat.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

ingredient transforms traditional breakfast pancakes into a protein and
calcium-rich snack you can enjoy anytime. Good Culture® Classic Whole Milk
Cottage Cheese, made with four wholesome ingredients and zero additives and
preservatives, makes these fluffy flapjacks ultra-moist and flavorful without
weighing them down.

Thai Veggie Burgers

Save time with premade burger patties that go beyond beef. A creamy homemade peanut sauce and crunchy cucumbers crank up the flavor volume on Thai-inspired turkey burgers, pictured. For a meatless flexitarian meal, we love Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods® Asian Veggie Patties, studded with red bell pepper, scallions, and ginger. 

Mushroom and
Spinach Lasagna

veggie-loaded lasagna delivers all the creamy comfort you crave with a hearty
serving of plant-based nutrition. Fisher® Pine Nuts and easier-to-digest a2
Milk® Whole Milk
add a punch of filling protein to fresh mushrooms and spinach
layered with no-boil noodles and two kinds of cheese.

Loaded Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

says macaroni and cheese is only for kids? Nutritious cauliflower florets
replace the noodles in Tattooed Chef® Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Bowls,
available in the freezer section. Personalize by adding sun-dried tomatoes,
microwave-steamed broccoli, red onion, and fiery jalapenos for a superfast meal
that’s ready in minutes.

Iced Coffee Floats

favorite coffee shop meets old school ice cream parlor in these creamy,
four-ingredient floats. With no added sugar, Nick’s Swedish Style Light Ice
and Mocha-Flavored Kitu Super Coffee® make the perfect keto-friendly
dessert or afternoon pick-me-up topped with sugar-free chocolate sauce and
whipped cream.    

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