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Game Day Bites

On Game Day there are as many ways to entertain as there are scoring outcomes, but win or lose, the food should never be boring! Our take on bites for the Big Game includes a mix of tradition with some cool surprises thrown in for fun. America’s favorite pastime may be football (but enjoying delicious food is definitely a close second).
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Queso Totchos    

Satisfy that hankering for something crisp with tater tots. By bringing an old favorite off the bench, we’ve given worn-out nachos a break in favor of a heartier option. Topped with a cheesy salsa and colorful, crunchy radishes, this dish is destined for glory.

Pizzeria-Style Garlic Knots

You’ll score a touchdown with these garlicky bread bites. They’re perfect for popping on their own or after a dip in your favorite marinara sauce. 

Chili Con Carne 

Break out the slow cooker for something hot and savory. Two pounds of chuck roast goes a long way toward feeding the crowd. With smoked jalapenos and luscious adobo seasoning, there’s nothing more inviting than a cold day indoors with hot chili and a good game.

Pass Play: Serve over a bed of cooked rice to give your chili additional yardage.

Buffalo Chicken Nugget Sliders  

Delight guests using mini waffles to sandwich your chicken nugget sliders. Crushed together with zesty hot sauce and crumbled blue cheese, these appetizers add that unexpected twist to your recipe playbook.

Black Bean Brownie Footballs  

You’ll get a kick out of these game-themed brownies. Not only do they look like little footballs (oval-shaped cookie cutters do the trick) they’re also made with beans instead of butter—a great way to punt away excess fat and sugar without fumbling on flavor.  

BBQ Bourbon Chicken Wings

Tangy and delicious, with Worcestershire sauce, bourbon, and brown sugar, you can’t go wrong with wings on Game Day. Needing almost no prep, this traditional finger food will cook in about as much time as it takes to view the average halftime show. Game on—food on!

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