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How to Cook with Beer

Beer isn’t just for drinking—it is also the secret ingredient in some of our favorite recipes, from stews to cupcakes. 
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Depending on which brew you choose, you can add richness to stews and braises, a bright zing to sauces, and make baked goods extra tender and tasty (it’s amazing with chocolate). You can also pair it with your meals, just like wine, to make your dishes taste even better. Read on to discover which beer will add a little magic to your recipes. 


Lager is the most popular beer for drinking: smooth, light-bodied, and slightly floral. It goes with just about any dish, especially cheese (think cheese boards and grilled cheese sandwiches). It’s also great to bake with. The bubbles in this beer add extra lightness and tenderness to all sorts of baked goods.

Cheddar-Chive Beer Bread 


Clean, crisp, and slightly citrusy, this beer is refreshing on its own. Serve it with seafood or a simple tomato and basil pizza. We love it for quickly simmering shrimp—it won’t overwhelm the delicate, sweet flavor of the seafood.

Beer Poached Shrimp


This rich dark beer has notes of coffee and caramel, great for sipping in colder weather. Pair it with heartier dishes like chili or steak and potatoes. In baking and cooking, stout makes chocolate cupcakes taste even more chocolaty and slow-cooked meats even richer.

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes 

Amber Ale

You’ll know this beer by its reddish-brown color. It has a smooth, malty flavor that makes it a crowd-pleasing choice for your next party. Try this beer with grilled or roasted meats and barbecue. For cooking, we love it in a glaze for pork or in a cheese sauce.

Soft Pretzel Nuggets with Beer Cheese

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