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Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa

Quin-what? Quinoa, that’s what. This ancient food is, actually, a seed, but is, generally, considered and treated as a whole grain. It is higher in protein than any other whole grain, is gluten free, and has a nutty flavor. It’s a perfect substitute for rice when you feel like changing it up. 
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Caesar Quinoa Bowl 

Hail, Caesar. Our twist on the classic Caesar salad uses quinoa to add a hearty goodness to make this a meal unto itself.

Grilled Asparagus Quinoa Salad with Basil Vinaigrette

Bet you don’t think of grill and salad in the same sentence. We promise you will after you try this yummy quinoa dish dressed up with grilled asparagus and creamy mozzarella.

Quinoa Oatmeal with Berries 

Oatmeal invites its nutty buddy, quinoa, and its fruity friends, the berries, to the breakfast party and deliciousness ensues! Yummo!

Quinoa- Stuffed Sweet Potatoes  

Load ‘em up, partner. These sweet spuds can make a meal when stuffed with hearty quinoa and salty feta cheese. Throw in some smoked almonds for the crunch factor.

Granola Bars with Honey and Cranberry 

Mmm, mmm, good tasting granola bars with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of tart and a whole lot of protein thanks to the addition of quinoa.

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