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7 Spring Herbs to Upgrade Your Cooking

Add fresh flavor with these seasonal herbs.

Incorporating fresh herbs into your spring cooking not only adds flavor but embraces the essence of renewal as the cold of winter finally fades away. From refreshing mint to zingy cilantro, these spring herbs can transform ordinary dishes into seasonal delights.


Mint is the quintessential spring herb. Its bright flavor makes it a perfect match for lighter springtime meals. We like to pair it with spring fruits and vegetables like strawberries, peas, or carrots to add a fresh twist to both savory and sweet creations.

Ricotta Dumplings with Peas

Ricotta is the shortcut to making these gnocchi-like dumplings. Two types of peas add color, and the chopped fresh mint helps brighten up the simple butter sauce into something special.

Get the recipe: Ricotta Dumplings with Peas


Tarragon is a secret springtime superpower, adding a dash of French sophistication to any dish with its delightful hints of sweet anise. Whether you add it to a vinaigrette or sprinkle it over chicken, tarragon brings a little flair to springtime feasts.

Chicken Breasts with Tarragon Salsa Verde

While tarragon and chicken might be a classic combo, we promise there’s nothing expected about how it’s used in this quick weeknight meal. Here it teams up with parsley, jalapeño, and capers for this richly green and herbaceous salsa verde, transforming basic roasted chicken breasts into something crave-worthy.

Get the recipe: Chicken Breasts with Tarragon Salsa Verde 


Oregano brings a robust and earthy flavor to the spring table, offering both Mediterranean and Mexican flavors without overshadowing lighter ingredients. This herb works particularly well with all sorts of vegetables, but especially with tomatoes.

Broiled Cheese-Stuffed Tomatoes

Tomatoes are infused with fresh oregano and thyme and cooked in the slow cooker for intense flavor, then topped with golden Pecorino breadcrumbs and broiled until crispy. This is a great dish for spring gatherings.

Get the recipe: Broiled Cheese-Stuffed Tomatoes


Chives bring a mild onion-like taste with a tiny hint of garlic and are a perfect match for the fresh spring ingredients. Their light, subtle depth complements a range of dishes, adding freshness without overpowering other ingredients. Chives are often used as a garnish but they’re also delicious added to recipes, such as vegetable sides, salads, soups, eggs, and more. Their versatility makes them an essential herb for springtime cooking, capturing the essence of the season.

Herbed Cheese Spread

Premade cheese spread may be convenient, but it can’t hold a candle to this homemade version, which comes together in just 15 minutes and is perfect for last-minute entertaining. Fresh chives bring brightness and color while dried spring herbs add ease. We love to make this on the weekend and snack on it throughout the week with carrot sticks or bagel chips.

Get the recipe: Herbed Cheese Spread


Bursting with a flavor, dill has been an unsung hero of spring that deserves more time in the spotlight. The delicate feathery fronds are a great match for springtime favorites, particularly seafood and salads. Commonly associated with Scandinavian and Eastern European cuisines, dill’s versatility extends to various culinary creations, enhancing everything from dressings to soups. It’s also a perfect pairing with fish and eggs.

Steamed Salmon with Dill Rice

Dill and salmon are a classic combination and here we use the herb in two ways to maximize its flavor. First, we add chopped dill directly into cooked rice, an instant upgrade for any simple cooked grain. Then, dill is added to sour cream for a simple sauce that ties the whole dish together.

Get the recipe: Steamed Salmon with Dill Rice


With its sweet and peppery charm, basil is a springtime culinary superstar, brightening up any savory (and even some sweet!) recipes. This luscious green herb adds a vibrant taste and aroma that elevates everything from salads to pasta and stir-fries.

Stir-Fried Basil Beef

Perfect for a quick and healthy meal, this combines thinly sliced beef, fresh basil, and carrots in a stir-fry that’s lighter and speedier than takeout. Taking only 15 minutes to prepare, it’s an ideal choice for a weeknight dinner or whenever you crave a delicious, basil-infused twist on a classic Thai favorite.

Get the recipe: Stir-Fried Basil Beef


Known for its fresh, citrusy flavor, cilantro is a zingy addition to spring cooking, complementing the season’s lighter fare. While its taste can be polarizing for some, it’s a staple in Mexican, Indian, and Asian cuisines. It pairs wonderfully with spring produce, enhancing everything from grain bowls and soups to grilled meats.

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Cilantro Mayo

Perfect for a light yet satisfying lunch or dinner, these sandwiches offer a delicious balance of heat and freshness all packed into a lightly toasted bun. Since the mayo is made in a blender, you can use the cilantro stems as well, so you waste less.

Get the recipe: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Cilantro Mayo

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