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These Ingredients Will Add Zing to Your Cooking

Give your meals a flavor boost.

Springtime offers a variety of fresh produce to choose from, like earthy herbs and crispy veggies. While we love sticking to our tried-and-true seasonal recipes, this year we’re upping the flavor wherever we can by adding a touch of acidity. That’s because a spritz of lemon or a dash of vinegar works much like salt does to heighten and enhance flavors. Here are some of our favorite ways to add a little zing.


A squeeze of lemon and some chopped dill give this wonderful one-pot dinner a bright, fresh flavor. The secret with lemon juice is to taste as you add it, to make sure you get the balance of flavors exactly right.


Vinegar isn’t just for salads: It can really bring out the flavor of fruit, too. Try turning your favorite berries into a shrub, which is a sweet and tart syrup that can be used to flavor seltzer or cocktails. Vinegar enhances the natural sweetness of fruits, adding a tangy kick that turns a simple syrup into a taste adventure.


Balsamic vinegar is the secret weapon for turning spring veggies into culinary rockstars. Its rich, sweet-tart profile not only intensifies the natural flavors of carrots, asparagus, and other seasonal veg, but also adds a depth that makes every bite a taste revelation.

Sour Cream

Light sour cream is a clever way to add a touch of luxury to your weeknight dinners. The creamy, tangy goodness of sour cream (enhanced with a little lemon) propels simple salmon fillets to gourmet heights

White Wine

White wine works its magic in this chicken and vegetable stew, infusing the dish with a subtle flavor and depth. While much of the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process, there will still be a little left, so if you’re trying to avoid alcohol, you can replace it with chicken stock and a dash of white wine vinegar or lemon juice.

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