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Tricks and Treats for Halloween at Home

Even if your Halloween looks a little different this year, you can still have lots of spooktacular fun at home. 
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These sweet and savory snacks are just as fun to make together as they are to eat. They’re also a great way to keep kids (and parents!) from filling up on candy alone. All you need now are costumes and pumpkins for carving or painting.  

Haunted house dip platter 
Veggies on Halloween? This black bean dip makes it possible. Make ahead and refrigerate in a square dish. Decorate right before serving with crunchy vegetables for dipping. 

Brownie bats 
Chocolate wafer cookies and slivered almonds create the wings and fangs for these cute creatures (use sunflower seeds for the almonds if you have a nut allergy). Instead of baking the brownies from a mix, you can also buy brownie bites from the bakery.

Bacon cracker mummies 
Buttery crackers are wrapped with strips of crispy bacon, just like a mummy. You can make these savory treats two days ahead, then reheat before adding the faces.

Creepy cookies 
Sugar cookies from the bakery are a delicious canvass for homemade Halloween fun. Cover with white icing, then use chocolate icing to draw a skeleton, ghost, or mummy face. 

Spooky donuts 
Store-bought donuts are another treat you can creepily customize with cobwebs, a spooky cat, or Jack-o-Lantern face. Can’t find orange frosted donuts? Follow our simple steps in the related article to make your own. 

Creepy bagel pizzas 
These boo-tiful bites are the perfect Halloween finger food. A cookie cutter transforms provolone cheese into a ghoulish topping for mini bagel pizzas decorated with optional olives and red peppers.

Pimento cheese eyeballs 
Set your sights on Halloween fun with these creepy peepers. Sliced pimientos and black olives turn easy homemade cheese dip into a festive appetizer that can be made a day ahead. 

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