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Winter Produce

Winter challenges food-lovers. The wind and the cold can drive us indoors where sniffles and other ailments wait. Working flavorful fruits and veggies into wholesome meals is our best defense; for though it may seem that fresh produce is on winter break, there are endless options to explore. Discover some best-kept secrets below.

Roasted Turnips with Herbs and Feta  

Get to the root of your cold-weather craving with the nutrient-rich, wonderful-when-roasted turnip. This large, roundish vegetable is fun to prepare and tastes great sprinkled with dill and feta. There are all-white varieties, but many are capped with a red or purplish coloring. Crank up the oven to cook those sugars out!

Roasted Parsnips with Pancetta and Capers   

A parsnip resembles a large white carrot but tastes more like…well, it has a “nip” to it, similar to something you’d find on the spice rack. Like many roots, a good roasting will pull out the sweetness that plays well with herbs like thyme and with the Italian-style bacon, Pancetta.

Food Fact: Root vegetables keep well during winter – and they should. Plants use them to store sugars and nutrients during colder months – lucky for us!

Noodle Salad with Jicama and Miso Vinaigrette   

Jicama is the native-to-Mexico version of the popular turnip, with the significant difference that it is deliciously crispy and savory-sweet; almost like an apple (Description can do it no justice – you have to try it!). Tossed with fresh vermicelli and shredded red cabbage, with sesame oil, honey and salty miso for flavor, you’ll love what this scrumptious tuber can do for your meal.   

Food Fact: Jicama is often compared to apples but won’t brown like one. You can eat it raw as a crunchy snack or on a bed of greens.

Kale and Beet Tart with Goat Cheese   

Enjoy the scent of baking as this tart turns golden brown and toppings crisp.  A colorful and quick pastry dish, you’ll benefit from vitamin-loaded beets, rich and flavorful goat cheese, and crunchy cashews for protein.

Tip: Trying an item for the first time? Peculiar produce hides in plain sight. Ask an associate to point out novel and exciting finds for your next recipe. 

Citrus Tres Leches Cake   

Treat yourself to a slice of sunshine. With this fruit-topped delicacy you can have your cake and your vitamins too! If you like citrus fruits at breakfast you’ll love them with “three milk” cream on a soft and moist yellow cake for a snack or after-meal dessert.

Brussels sprouts and grapefruit salad   

When you want it all but don’t have time: this nutritious dish pulls together savory, sweet, and bitter in just minutes. Those versatile sprouts will taste amazing alongside red grapefruit pieces. And thick-cut bacon (a great source of Omega-3) adds to a simple yet surprisingly flavorful combo. 

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