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California Classic Grilled Cheese

Featuring plenty of salted butter and delicious Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese, our classic avocado tomato grilled cheese is an incredibly tasty dish, and it’s sure to be a winner in your home. Our recipe makes two servings, and is quite easy to prepare. It features plenty of healthy ingredients, such as vine-ripened tomatoes and avocado, but it also features some of our popular pepper jack cheese and salted butter to really crank up the flavor factor. We suggest making this sandwich for lunch, but you can also make it for dinner too—if you decide to make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, pair the sandwiches with fresh tomato soup. The combination is absolutely to-die-for!

Serves 2
896 calories per serving


> 1 tablespoon Cabot Salted Butter
> 4 slices sourdough bread
> 4 ounces Cabot Pepper Jack, sliced
> About 6 slices large vine-ripened tomato
> 1/2 avocado, sliced


MELT butter in large skillet over medium-low heat.
TOP two bread slices with cheese, tomato and avocado. Place remaining bread slices on top.
TRANSFER to skillet and cook slowly until golden on underside, reducing heat if needed. Turn and cook until sandwiches are golden on second side and cheese is melted.


Recipe provided by Cabot Creamery Co-operative

For over a century, the 800 New England and New York farm families who own Cabot Co-operative have been passionate about crafting the world’s best dairy products using only the purest ingredients. Just maybe, that’s why we’ve won every major award for taste. Learn more at cabotcheese.coop

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