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Candy Cane Hearts and Wreaths

When the holidays leave you with a few too many candy canes, turn them into beautiful decorations. You can use candy canes of any size or color (though we love the red-and-white look).

Serves 10
Ready in 22 mins
Prep time 22 mins


> 16- 20 regular-size candy canes and/or 12 mini candy canes
> Hot glue or craft glue
> Red ribbon, cut into 5-inch lengths
> Red or white waxed twine


Place 2 candy canes facing each other to create a heart shape. Use the hot glue or craft glue to attach candy canes where they touch. Repeat with remaining candy canes to create 10 regular candy cane hearts or 6 mini candy cane hearts.
To make ornaments, thread the ribbon between each candy cane heart or glue to center to hang. Tie ribbon into a loop or seal with glue.
To make a wreath, arrange hearts side by side to form a circle, then glue the straight sides of the hearts together where they touch. Tie a ribbon into a loop at the top of the wreath or seal with glue. Allow glue to set fully. Use waxed twine to hang wreath (from candy canes) and ornaments (from ribbon loops).

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