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Chili-Lime Watermelon Wedges

Inspired by a Mexican street snack, this simple summer recipe uses lime and chili to enhance the natural sweetness of watermelon. Top it with fresh mint and salty cotija for an even more special treat.

Serves 10
Ready in 10 mins
Prep time 10 mins
73 calories per serving


> 1 small seedless watermelon
> 1 lime
> 2 tbsp chili-lime seasoning mix, such as Tajin
> Cotija crumbles (optional)
> Finely chopped mint (optional)


Cut the watermelon into wedges and arrange on a platter. Cut the lime in half and squeeze over watermelon. Sprinkle watermelon generously with the chili-lime seasoning. Garnish with the cotija crumbles and mint, if desired.


To make your own chili-lime seasoning, combine zest of ½ lime, 1 tbsp chili powder, ¼ tsp cayenne, ¼ tsp salt, and a pinch of sugar.

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