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Dessert Board with Fruit and Cheesecake Dip

Build a board with a mix of store-bought sweet treats, fresh fruit and a creamy, tangy cheesecake dip.

Serves 8
Ready in 10 mins
Prep time 10 mins
600 calories per serving


> 1 lemon
> 1/2 (8 oz) bar reduced-fat cream cheese
> 2 tbsp confectioners' sugar
> 1 tbsp low-fat milk
> 1 small pineapple cup
> 1 small watermelon cup
> 1/2 (16 oz) package large berry medley
> 1 cup chocolate hazelnut spread, warmed
> 1 (7 oz) box Taste of Inspirations® Almond & Hazelnut Chocolate Dipped Mini Biscotti
> 1/2 (8 oz) package Nature's Promise® Crispy Brownie Cookies, halved
> 1/2 (10 oz) package gourmet chocolate chunk cookies, halved
> 1/2 (14.8 oz) package Taste of Inspirations® Frozen Mini Eclairs, thawed


Zest half the lemon. In a medium heatproof bowl, warm cream cheese in microwave 30 seconds, until soft. Stir in sugar, milk and lemon zest until smooth. Transfer to a small serving bowl. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Cut pineapple and watermelon into bite-size pieces, as needed. To an 18x13" serving board or cutting board, add the small bowl of cheesecake dip and another small bowl of hazelnut spread. Add the fruit through center of board in a winding line. Fill in with mini biscotti, cookie pieces, and mini eclairs. Serve immediately.

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