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Quinoa-Crusted Cod Fingers

This gluten-free take on fried fish is delicious with Sweet Potato Fries with Minted Yogurt Drizzle.

Serves 4
Ready in 25 mins
Prep time 15 mins
Cooking time 10 mins
356 calories per serving


> 2 (6 oz) frozen cod fillets, thawed
> 1/4 cup cornstarch
> 1 lemon
> 1/3 cup light mayonnaise
> 1 clove garlic
> 1/4 cup parsley
> 1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa
> 1/4 cup canola oil
> tartar sauce, to serve


Cut cod fillets in half, lengthwise. Pat dry with paper towels and toss with cornstarch.
Zest the lemon then cut in half and juice 1 half. Cut remaining half in 4 and set aside. In a large bowl, combine lemon zest, 1 tbsp lemon juice and mayonnaise. Using a garlic press, crush garlic clove into mayonnaise and mix well. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
Finely chop parsley and mix with cooked quinoa. Spread quinoa on a large plate. Dip each piece of fish, one at a time, into the flavored mayonnaise, coating on all sides, then roll in the quinoa, patting to adhere.
Heat oil in a large skillet. Fry fish 3-5min., or until crust is golden. Flip gently and fry an additional 3-5 min., or until fish is cooked through. If crust is browning too quickly, reduce heat. Drain fish on paper towels. Serve with lemon wedges and tartar sauce, if desired.


If you don’t have leftover quinoa, cook ½ cup prewashed quinoa according to package directions.

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