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Roasted Pork with Beer-Mustard Glaze

Lean pork tenderloin gets a boost of flavor from a reduction of beer, zippy mustard, and honey.

Serves 4
Ready in 35 mins
Prep time 5 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
265 calories per serving


> 1 (12 oz) bottle amber ale
> 3 tbsp stone ground mustard
> 3 tbsp honey
> 1 tsp garlic powder
> 1 (1 1/4 lb) pork tenderloin


Preheat oven to 425°F. To a small pot, add the beer. Bring to a boil on high and boil 8–10 min., until reduced to ¼ cup. Transfer to a medium bowl and let cool.
Into beer, whisk in the mustard, honey, and garlic powder until smooth.
Season the pork with salt and pepper. Add to a baking dish and brush pork with half of beer glaze. Roast pork 10 min. Brush with remaining glaze, and roast 10–15 min. more, until pork is cooked through, registering 145°F on an instant read thermometer.
Let pork rest 10 min. Slice and serve.

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