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Seafood Salad

The perfect low-carb lunch when served over lettuce, this seafood salad is a delicious alternative to the usual tuna or chicken. Serve on toasted bread for a more classic lunch. A pickle and some thick cut-chips round out a delicious meal.

Serves 4
Ready in 20 mins
Prep time 20 mins
257 calories per serving


> 1/4 cup light cream cheese ( Neufchatel ), softened
> 2 tbsp light mayonnaise
> 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill
> 1 tbsp lemon juice
> 1 cup salad shrimp
> 6 oz canned crabmeat, drained or fresh cooked, flaked
> 6 oz canned tuna, drained or fresh cooked, flaked
> 1 cup diced tomato
> 4 cup mixed greens


In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, dill and lemon juice. Add shrimp, crab, tuna and tomatoes and stir gently until the seafood is well coated with the dressing. Divide mixed greens among plates and top with seafood mixture.

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