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15 Minute Meals for Summer Meal Planning

Summer is a busy time! Here are 15-minute recipe ideas to help your meal planning this week.
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When softball practice and warm summer nights get in our way, the time we have to put dinner on table is difficult to find. We still want our families to eat good meal, but not be bogged down with all the activities on the agenda. Here are five 15-minute recipes you can make to help fuel your family that you will feel good about. Also, if there are any leftovers – save them for lunches!

Zesty Mahi Mahi with corn and black beans

Fresh Mahi Mahi takes little time to cook. It’s mild, sweet flavor make it approachable for your pickiest eaters. The corn and black beans will fill your family up, but won’t weigh them down.

Stir-fried Chickpeas, Cod, and Bok Choy

Summer is the perfect season for veggies, and this recipe is packed with them! The cod can be switched out for any desired protein, however it gives it a light and fresh taste.

Steak Salad with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes

Who knew one salad could pack so much flavor!? The sweet balsamic vinegar, and rich pine nuts pair nicely with the savory beef.

Pressed Cubano with Mango – Avocado Salad

You could never go wrong with a sandwich! This pressed Cubano uses store-bought pulled pork to make sure this recipe is a quick assemble without a lack of flavor.

Mediterranean Pasta with Shrimp, Broccoli, and Sundried Tomato

This pasta dish has all the flavors of a restaurant dish, but without the cost or time!

For more 15-minute recipe inspiration, check out the Dinner in 15 minutes collection the Savory Recipe Center. 

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