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6 Clever Food Pranks for April Fool’s

Fool and impress your family with these yummy surprises.  

When you’re trying to find a good April Fool’s Day surprise, look no further than your own kitchen. These food pranks are easy and safe for the whole family and best of all, you get to eat them afterwards! 

Cake or Deviled Eggs?   

Everyone will think this is a tray of deviled eggs and not your dessert platter! White frosting does triple duty by holding your cake crumbs together, mimicking the egg white, and standing in for the piped yolk with a small dash of yellow food coloring. Store-bought cake and canned frosting make this four-ingredient prank easy to pull off for any spring gathering.  

Pancakes With an Egg-stra Surprise

Pancakes and eggs are such a perfect pairing that your family won’t suspect a thing. But this time, you’ll be making “eggs” out of sweet ingredients you can find in your fridge. Just garnish freshly griddled pancakes with vanilla Greek yogurt and peach halves for a convincing fried egg with a sweet surprise. 

Apple Pie Egg Rolls

These “egg rolls” are trickily packed with apple pie filling, though you wouldn’t know from their appearance. Order takeout from your favorite place and sneak some of these in with the rest of the order when it arrives. Leave off the cinnamon sugar to make them extra convincing. 

Bunnies in a Blanket

This savory appetizer is a dead-ringer for the real thing, proving not all your April Fool’s Day surprises have to be sweet. Baby carrots stand in for tiny cocktail sausages in this vegetarian update. Kids will love helping to prepare these to fool their friends. 

Grape Surprise

Bowls of Easter candy are prime playgrounds for a delicious April Fool’s Day prank. Carefully unwrap a bag of foil-covered chocolate eggs and use the foil to wrap up grapes in their place. Fill them up in a candy dish, then sit back and snack on the unwrapped chocolate while you wait for an unsuspecting family member to reach for a treat.

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