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9 Ingredients 5 Meals

9 Ingredients, 5 Meals: Frozen Food to the Rescue for Busy Parents

Packed schedules, nasty weather, picky palates...if you face challenges getting to the grocery store and getting a healthy, family-friendly meal on the table, you’re not alone. Keep some help on hand in the freezer with this nine-ingredient shopping list that combines for five different flavorful, kid-approved meals in a flash. 
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A well-stocked freezer is like having an assistant in the kitchen, and it can add up to big savings, too. Time-saving options like chopped veggies and premade proteins help to cut down on prep work while offering the nutrition and value of a homemade meal. Stock up on family favorites (including the frozen items below) when they’re on sale for an always-ready arsenal of easy meals that are easy on your wallet.  

Get ready to put your dinner woes on ice; this 9-ingredient, 5-meal strategy promises more (smiles at the dinner table) for less (time and effort at the store and the stovetop). 


2 (10 oz) bags Asian-Style Frozen Vegetables & Quinoa   
3 (24 oz) bags frozen turkey meatballs   
1 (16 oz) bag Nature’s Promise® Organic Cut Leaf Frozen Spinach    
3 (32 oz) bags frozen tater bites  
2 (1 lb) pkgs 85% lean ground beef  
2 (16 oz) jars Taste of Inspirations® Mango-Pineapple Salsa   
3 heads butter lettuce  
1 (8 oz) block reduced-fat Colby Jack cheese   
2 (10.5 oz) cans Vegetable Condensed Soup with Beef Stock


Cheesy Meatball and Tater Bite Skewers

It’s everything you love about a turkey burger with fries served up on a stick! Protein-packed turkey meatballs are a delicious shortcut for all kinds of Italian-inspired meals, like spaghetti, subs, and meaty pizza. Here, they’re building blocks for hearty, oven-roasted skewers with fluffy tater bites and a topping of melty cheese.

Beef and Quinoa Shepherd’s Pie

Classic shepherd’s pie moves into the fast lane with an extra dose of vitamins and fiber in this crispy, veggie-studded version. Golden baked tater bites replace traditional mashed potatoes on top of a savory filling with ground beef, mixed vegetables, and quinoa that cooks in just 15 minutes.  

Lettuce Cups with Turkey and Quinoa

This handheld meal-in-one is light on carbs and fully loaded with color and satisfying crunch. A quick filling of turkey meatballs, veggie-quinoa blend, and sweet-savory mango salsa delivers a taste of the tropics wrapped inside leaves of tender butter lettuce. 

Tater Bite Nachos

What happens when two all-star bar snacks combine into one stick-to-your-ribs family dinner? Everybody becomes a member of the “clean plate club.” Golden, crispy tater bites replace tortilla chips in these irresistible “tot-chos” dressed up with ground beef, mango-pineapple salsa, a fresh finish of chopped lettuce, and, of course, lots of melty cheese.   

Vegetable Soup with Meatballs

This three-ingredient bowl of comfort is perfect for nursing a cold or just staying cozy on chilly nights. Turkey meatballs and frozen spinach add a punch of satisfying nutrients to canned vegetable soup for a complete meal that hits the table (or the sofa) in 20 minutes.  

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