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7 Pretty Recipes for Your Next Spring Tea Party

With easy recipes inspired by the garden, this party is perfect for spring.

Planning a tea party? These adorable treats make delicious conversation starters. Quick and simple to prepare, they’re perfect for a fun and easy gathering with family and friends.

Lemon Pie Sandwich Cookies

Who could say no to lemon pie in bite-size form at a tea party, especially when it’s shaped like a daisy? This five-ingredient cookie recipe is super easy but still tastes homemade. Refrigerated pie dough and store-bought lemon curd are the keys to having these lemon pie sandwich cookies ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. The bright yellow centers will brighten up your party spread, and the zesty citrus will make your taste buds smile.

Get the Recipe: Lemon Pie Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich Grazing Board

A sandwich grazing board is the perfect way to let your guests customize their sandwiches exactly how they want. Make sure you have all the components you need, including rolls, condiments, lettuce, tomato, sliced cheese, and sliced deli meats. To make salami roses, just fold salami slices all around the rim of a wine glass in an overlapping pattern, flip it over onto the serving board, remove the wine glass and you have a fun, edible garnish

Get the Recipe: Sandwich Grazing Board

Vegetable Flower Bouquet with Dip

Take your simple vegetable tray to the next level with these fun, creative bouquet cups. Each guest gets a single-serve bouquet of veggies and dip to take and enjoy. Kids and adults alike will love this unique way of serving veggies and ranch at your next gathering.

Get the Recipe: Vegetable Flower Bouquet with Dip

Flower Grazing Board with Guacamole

Fruits and vegetables make colorful flowers on this fun grazing board. Arrange your fruits and veggie slices in layered rings for an eye-catching tray guests will love. And don’t forget the guacamole for a healthy and delicious dip.

Get the Recipe: Flower Grazing Board with Guacamole

Tomato Tulips

Roma tomatoes become beautiful and tasty tulips in just four simple steps. Chives serve double duty as flavoring in the cream cheese filling and long, elegant flower stems. This bouquet is pretty enough to take center stage on your party spread and so tasty that your guests won’t be able to get enough.

Get the Recipe: Tomato Tulips

Strawberry Roses

When sliced a certain way, strawberries can transform into pretty little roses. Insert skewers into the bottom to display them in a vase for a stunning edible bouquet that makes a great table centerpiece or gift for someone special. For an extra special twist, sprinkle them with sugar or serve with whipped cream to dip them in.

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Roses

Veggie Patch Dip

Now here’s a showstopper: A veggie board and dip that looks like a spring garden. An easy bean and yogurt dip is covered with pumpernickel breadcrumbs to resemble soil, then veggies are “planted” in the garden. Use whatever looks good in the produce section—we like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery fronds, and broccoli florets.

Get the Recipe: Veggie Patch Dip

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