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Cottage Cheese is a Great Ingredient, Here’s Why

We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.  

Creamy Pasta with Peas 

Cottage cheese is the secret ingredient in this easy, creamy pasta sauce that’s ready in just 20 minutes. Fresh lemon and garlic add a pop of flavor while frozen peas bring texture, color, and added nutrients, making this sauce the perfect complement for pasta.  

Cottage Cheese Pancakes 

This riff on ricotta pancakes swaps in budget-friendly cottage cheese. This versatile recipe is loaded with a whopping 21 grams of protein, so you stay satisfied throughout the morning. Honey and strawberries make this breakfast taste like a sweet treat, too. 

Easy Sweet Potato Pancakes  

For another brunch twist that packs in extra nutrients, try adding canned sweet potatoes to  your pancake batter. Along with the cottage cheese, sweet potato helps keep these hot cakes fluffy and moist without much hassle.  

Four-Ingredient Oat Waffles

If you’re Team Waffles when it comes to breakfast, this four-ingredient recipe will make weekend mornings even better.  Simply add this blended oat and cottage cheese mixture to a waffle iron and voila! Brunch is served. 

Cottage Cheese Scrambled Eggs 

If you’re looking for a savory breakfast protein boost, look no further. With 17 grams of protein, this recipe is a no-brainer. Our favorite part is that it’s ready in just 10 minutes. Busy mornings just got easier! 

Rolled Omelets with Basil and Cottage Cheese 

Another reason we love cottage cheese? It makes omelets oh-so-creamy. This on-the-go breakfast is not only loaded with protein, but also filled with an irresistible blend of cheese and veggies that stays ooey-gooey.  

Rice Cakes with Everything Bagel Cottage Cheese  

Treat yourself to the flavors of an everything bagel and cream cheese, with this easy snack that packs a fraction of the carbs and calories. Pro tip: For even fluffier texture, add the cottage cheese to a food processor for a whipped version of the topping.  

Kale and Artichoke Gratin Dip 

Who says a cheesy dip can’t be good for you? Thanks to our pal cottage cheese, you can enjoy a creamy, restaurant-style dip at home with added nutritional benefits. It’s an easy way to lighten up the fare when you’re hosting a dinner party or watching the game with friends.  

Spinach and Feta Pie  

Our take on spanakopita uses cottage cheese and feta to create that craveable cheesy filling. With just five ingredients you can serve this taste of the Greek isles anytime.  

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Cheesy Bread Crumbs 

This fall-inspired mac and cheese uses butternut squash puree for extra creaminess and two kinds of cheese and fresh thyme for extra yum…need we say more? Cottage cheese is a great base for a decadent sauce because of its creamy consistency and slight salty tang that helps to bring out all of the comforting flavors.  

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