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Fun in the Kitchen

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Not when it comes to cooking together as a family. 

When you share the duties and make meals that both parents and kids can collaborate on, it’s a lot less like work and a lot more like play. (Plus, you’re inspiring good habits for your kids to follow!)

Here are a few dinner ideas to spark up your time in the kitchen and transform dinner prep into fun for everyone.

Nori Wraps

Kids (and adults) get to choose the fillings they like most for their seaweed wraps, like salmon, rotisserie chicken, cucumber, and carrots, and then roll them up for a fun hand-held meal.

Rainbow Spaghetti with Parmesan

This vibrant dish is tailor-made for little kids. Let them use natural food coloring to dye the spaghetti strands, then combine their favorite colors to complete their customized dish.

Slow Cooker Cheese Fondue

Let kids gently toss the shredded cheeses with cornstarch and stir in the slow cooker. Older kids can slice vegetables and fruits, and everyone gets to participate in the dipping and eating.

Cheeseburger and Tater Tot Casserole

Let kids press tater tots into a pan to create a crunchy crust for this cheeseburger casserole. Older kids can help brown the ground beef and slice the vegetables.

More Breakfast for Dinner: Funny Face Toast

When meal prep time is tight, let kids pitch in to make and decorate their own funny face toast and English muffins. Use healthy ingredients like berries, sliced fruit, and nuts for each artistic expression.

A Sweet Finish: Piñata Cupcakes

Confetti cake cupcakes filled with candy are a sweet surprise that kids can have a hand in making. Let them help make the cake mix, fill each of the cupcake with a candy mixture, then frost.

Sugar Cookie Fries

Kids can help every step of the way with this dessert—from making sugar cookie dough, to slicing into “fries” and sprinkling with sugar, to spooning out strawberry jam for dunking.

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