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Halloween Party

Try our spooktacular party menu.
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Change up your snacking game and try
something hauntingly delicious this Halloween. Only Fanta® allows you to unleash
your snackreativity.

Fanta. Snack in the name of play. 

Ghoulish Mini Pizzas

Another classic snack with a fun and frightful twist! Kids can
take charge on this one, layering sauce, cheese and veggies to create silly
monsters and spooky mummies. Serve them with our Black Cherry Punch with
Eyeballs, below, for a screaming good snack or party treat.

Get the recipe: Ghoulish Mini Pizzas

Bones with Tomato Sauce

Soft, savory breadsticks get a creepy twist in this easy recipe
that will add boo-factor to your party or pre-trick-or-treat dinner. They’re
made with store-bought pizza dough, so the kids can make them with just a
little supervision.

Get the recipe: Breadstick Bones with Tomato Sauce

Black Cherry Punch with Eyeballs

Look out! This creepy eyeball punch is super-easy thanks to
canned Lychees and lots of fresh fruity ingredients like black cherry juice and
fizzy Fanta Orange Soda. Add it to your party menu along with your favorite
pizza for a scary good combo.

Get the recipe: Black Cherry Punch with Eyeballs

Graveyard Taco Dip

Who doesn’t love a frighteningly good 4-layer dip? Pair this
Tex-Mex taco-seasoned creation with tortilla “tombstones” and add some life to
your Halloween buffet.

Get the recipe: Graveyard Taco Dip

Monster Guacamole

Halloween is known for candy and treats, so real, wholesome
ingredients can be a welcome sight. Keep it fun with guacamole shaped like
Frankenstein’s familiar face! With fiber-filled black beans, creamy avocados,
and fresh cilantro, your party guests can feel free to fill up on the good

Get the recipe: Monster Guacamole

Mini Mummy Hot

Mini hot dogs and crescent rolls have always been a perfect
pair, but a little artistry is all it takes to turn them into a spooky treat.
Simply cut dough into strips before wrapping, and add some mustard eyes. Simple
Halloween snacks have never been easier!

Get the recipe: Mini Mummy Hot Dogs

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