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Ice Pop Hacks

Cool, refreshing homemade ice pops are a delicious way to hold summer in your hand. Made with naturally sweet peak season fruit, they’re a nutritious dessert or snack you can feel good about giving the entire family. Check out these tantalizing recipes or get inspired to mix and match your favorite ingredients for individualized icy treats. 

Creamy avocado coconut pops

Strawberry peach sangria pops 

Raspberry yogurt pops 

Pineapple ginger ice pops 

No matter the flavor, these hacks will help you be top of the pops: 

  • To easily unmold ice pops, dip molds in warm water then gently wiggle and pull each pop to release. 
  • To refreeze pops once they’ve been unmolded, wrap individually in parchment paper. Transfer pops to a large resealable bag and return to freezer. 
  • To avoid sticky hands, poke a hole in a cupcake liner or square of parchment paper. Insert the craft stick and position under the pop to catch drips. 
  • When using coconut milk, make sure the liquid is not separated by shaking the can vigorously before opening. 
  • For a kid-friendly version of sangria pops, replace wine with white grape or apple juice. 
  • No ice pop molds? No problem. Try one of these DIY options: 
  • Small paper cups. Fill cups with mixture of your choice, cover with foil, insert craft sticks or straws, and freeze. Use scissors to remove cups once pops are frozen. 
  • Ice cube tray. Fill each cube and place a cocktail stick in one corner. Freeze for bite-sized ice pops. 
  • Muffin tin. Add cupcake liners to muffin tins. Fill, cover with foil, and insert craft sticks. Peel away liners once pops are frozen. 

Stay cool, friends. 

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