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Labor Day Picnic: Five quick recipes for on-the-go

You’re invited, but what do you bring? Head out to that end-of-summer potluck with an easy dish that leaves you with lots of time to enjoy these longer days before they’re gone. You won’t believe how much flavor you can pack into 15 short minutes!

Brats with Sauerkraut and Mustard  

Brats were made for sharing! There’s something so satisfying about a freshly grill brat nestled under a pile of sauerkraut, and these summer favorites are fully loaded. Can you spot the secret ingredient?

BBQ Grilled Banana Splits 

All the allure of s’mores, with a more sophisticated feel (and some fruit to boot!) Just split and stuff a banana, then wrap in foil and grill for an easy summer dessert that won’t heat up the kitchen. It’s a beautiful thing when the right ingredients come together, don’t you think?

Summer Tomato Salad  

Italian-inspired and easy as can be, this take on panzanella brings baguette and summer fresh tomatoes together in hearty harmony. Fresh is the key word here, because when your ingredients are at their best, even the simplest recipes shine.    

Steak Kabobs with Tomatoes and Grilled Bread 

Garlic, bay and crushed red pepper are the star flavors in this Lithuanian-inspired tender beef dish. It’s familiar enough that picnic-goers will flock to it, and unique enough to make them ask for the recipe. Whether you choose to share your secret? That’s totally up to you.

Roasted Red Pepper Dip 

When you roast a red pepper, it takes on a hint of extra sweetness. Add it to a classic hummus recipe, and you’ve got something special for your next get-together. Just whiz it up in the blender or food processor, then serve with a crudité platter or crunchy chips. And since it’s almost that time, you might want to blend an extra batch for lunchboxes.

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