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Our 8 Favorite French Onion Recipes

Caramelized onions and gooey cheese, what’s not to love?
onions December 2022

This cheesy, oniony soup is widely considered one of the best fall and winter foods. With simple ingredients and a hearty flavor, it’s no surprise that French onion soup peaks in popularity along with sweater weather. French onion soup as we know it today has been made in the same style since the 17th century. It was known as a humble countryman’s dish for centuries until the boom of French cuisine in the 1960s. From Julia Child to Jacques Pépin, there are plenty of famous chefs who have their take on the classic. We’ve taken the basics of French onion soup and spun it into new recipes that are sure to hit that ooey-gooey craving. Check out these 7 recipes based on French onion soup.

French Onion Soup

We have to start out this roundup with our classic French onion soup recipe. A splash of brandy and plenty of beef broth help deepen the flavor of the soup. Don’t be afraid of making this on a whim – this recipe is ready in just 30 minutes. There’s something to be said about not beating the basics!

French Onion Chicken

This one-pan skillet chicken is one of our most popular recipes of all time! Juicy chicken thighs dusted with flour and seared in an oven-safe skillet. The onions are then caramelized in all the chicken-y goodness, and everything gets topped with gooey Swiss cheese. Be sure to serve this dinner with plenty of crusty French bread.

Five-Ingredient French Onion Tart

Slice up this twist on French onion soup that uses a store-bought pie dough as the base. This vegetarian, 5-ingredient recipe is sure to wow your guests but is as easy as pie to make. Using sweet onions instead of yellow onions helps them caramelize even faster, keeping the total time for this recipe at just 1 hour.

Grilled French Onion Burger

Onion soup & dip mix is added to ground beef for extra flavor in these easy burgers. Top them with sliced Swiss cheese and perfectly caramelized onions for the full French onion twist on an average burger. Be sure to make enough of these for your next grill out because they won’t last long!

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

Love French onion soup but hate having to stand over it forever? Try this slow cooker take on the classic recipe! From caramelizing the onions to slowly infusing the broth with tons of flavor, using a slow cooker tackles some of the toughest parts of making French onion soup. All you have to do is slice the onions and let the slow cooker do the work.

Cheese and Onion Pull-Apart Bread

A can of French onion soup is the hidden hero in this cheesy tear-and-share bread. Refrigerated pizza dough gets topped with the caramelized onions and two types of cheese. Try simmering the brown until it’s reduced to serve as a dip on the side. Make this easy bread for your next cold-weather get-together.

Onion Soup with Tortellini

This French-Italian mashup combines two classic soups: onion soup and tortellini al brodo. Savory cheese tortellini help the classic French recipe feel more like a hearty main course rather than just an opener. Shredded Parmesan stands in for gooey Swiss cheese but still adds the necessary cheesy bite. Try this twist for lunch or dinner.

French Dip Sandwich

While a French dip sandwich is a classic all on its own, this 5-ingredient recipe uses condensed French onion soup to make the process even faster. This savory dinner comes together in just 10 minutes, with the help of sliced deli roast beef and sliced Swiss cheese. For when you’re craving a bit more beef than broth, try this speedy but savory recipe.

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