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Rainbow Recipes for Kids

Find that pot of gold right in your own kitchen by making a few of these colorful dinners and desserts with your kids. While children will need some help with a few of the steps along the way, all of these recipes feature kid-friendly flavors and introduce them to the fun of cooking.
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Rainbow Spaghetti with Parmesan

This pasta dish is the perfect way for kids to have fun with their food, and to help make dinner too. All you need to do is divide strands of cooked spaghetti into bags filled with natural food dyes, give them a shake, then cook as normal and top with cheese. Young artists will love arranging their servings of colored spaghetti into masterpieces before they dig in.

Rainbow Pizza

Pizza night is the perfect opportunity to make cooking as fun as any arts and crafts project. Let kids arrange their choice of fresh veggies atop a classic cheesy pizza before Mom pops it in the oven. Eating the rainbow has never tasted so good.

Italian Rainbow Cookies

These Italian cake-like treats brighten up any kitchen with the help of natural food dyes and a box of yellow cake mix. Kids will need a little help with these, but the final result will make everyone happy.

Piñata Cupcakes

A party in every bite, these cupcakes make it rain cheer as colorful, candy-coated chocolates pour out from the center of each treat. This recipe turns any day spent baking into a celebration.

Fruit Ice Pops

Simple and delicious, these ice pops make all their color (and their sweetness!) naturally from bright layers of colorful fresh fruits frozen in apple juice.

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