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January 2023

Toast the New Year

Raise a toast to these recipes!
January 2023

The new year doesn’t have to start on a “crumby” note, especially when you have our BEST toast recipes! Take a look at these easy, cheesy, sweet and savory recipes that are “butter” than the rest. 

Toast with Chocolate-Pumpkin Seed Spread

Start the new year off on a sweet note with this homemade (nut-free!) version of the classic chocolate-hazelnut spread. Medjool dates sweeten this DIY breakfast, plus you can top it off with your favorite fixings. 

Garlicky Beans and Greens over Toast

Use up those winter greens in this hearty vegetarian dinner. Crunchy toast soaks up the garlic-scented liquid while crushed red pepper adds a hint of spice.  

Hummus Toasts

For a hearty, protein-packed start to your day, slather your favorite hummus on a piece of toast and top with your favorite fixings. 

Peach Ricotta Toast

This easy five ingredient viral toast recipe with fresh peaches and creamy ricotta is great as a breakfast, a snack, or even an appetizer. 

Toast with Hummus and Avocado

Roasted red pepper hummus and fresh mint add the perfect blend of earthy flavors that pair beautifully with creamy avocado. This satisfying breakfast is quick, tasty, and full of protein and fiber.

Caprese Avocado Toast

Love avocado toast? Love a caprese salad? Combine the two in this easy toast recipe that features the flavors of both atop a layer of pesto. 

Egg Toasts with Avocado Pesto

Making Instagram-worthy avocado toast topped with runny medium-boiled eggs is easier than you think. Plus, this five-ingredient recipe is filling and filled with protein and fiber.  

Asian Pear, Cream Cheese, and Pomegranate Breakfast Toasts

There’s no need for fancy cheese to pair with this fruit toast. Vamp up the cream cheese in your fridge with crisp Asian pears and pomegranate seeds for a sweet, creamy, and tangy treat. 

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toasts

This easy breakfast is perfect for busy mornings, but also pretty enough to serve for brunch or lunch accompanied by a fruit salad. Make it dairy-free by using vegan cream cheese. 

Spanish Tomato Toasts

This easy 5-ingredient recipe—called pan con tomate in Spain—is a great appetizer or snack. Grating the sweet tomatoes makes them perfect for spooning over grilled bread. 

Custard Yogurt Toast with Berries

Greek yogurt and egg create an easy custard that tops this five-ingredient toast. Add your favorite berries for extra sweetness.  

Berry and Chia Toasts

For a sweet start to your day, try this easy breakfast that’s full of fiber from fruit and chia seeds and protein from cashew butter. For a nut-free option, try sunflower seed butter instead. 

Ham, Honey, and Peach Toast

This easy toast recipe might be effortless, but it’s bursting with flavors. Sharp, grainy mustard and sweet peaches add the perfect balance of flavors atop salty ham.  test

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