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Banana-Hazelnut S’mores

Two of your favorite sweet flavors—bananas and chocolate—come together in this elevated take on the campfire classic, made on the grill.

Serves 12
Ready in 16 mins
Prep time 8 mins
Cooking time 8 mins
166 calories per serving


> 2 bananas
> 12 graham crackers
> 1/2 cup Nature's Promise® Organic Hazelnut Spread
> 12 marshmallows


Set grill to medium-high. Peel and cut the bananas in half lengthwise. Break the graham crackers in half. Spread half the graham crackers with hazelnut spread.
Place bananas cut sides down on grill and cook 3 min., until grill marks appear and bananas begin to soften. Transfer to cutting board and turn grill off. Arrange remaining crackers (without hazelnut spread) on grill and top each with a marshmallow. Cover and let stand 5 min. on warm grill, until marshmallows are very soft.
Meanwhile, cut each banana half into 3 pieces. With spatula, carefully remove graham crackers with marshmallows from grill and top with banana pieces, pressing into marshmallows. Place graham crackers with hazelnut spread, spread sides down, on top of bananas, pressing down gently to form sandwich.

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