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Grilled Corn Salad

This is a great salad to make ahead and keep in the fridge for easy summer lunches and dinners. Try grilling the green onions along with the corn for a slightly mellower flavor.

Serves 4
Ready in 20 mins
Prep time 10 mins
Cooking time 10 mins
315 calories per serving


> 3 ears of corn , shucked
> 2 nectarines
> 1 bunch green onions
> 1 cup roasted peanuts
> 1/2 tbsp lime juice
> 1 tbsp olive oil


Place corn on the grill over medium heat and cook until grill marks form, about 10 min. Turn occasionally. Meanwhile, halve the nectarines, remove the pits and thinly slice the flesh. Place in a large serving bowl.
Chop the green onions and add to the bowl with the nectarines. Add peanuts and lime juice and mix carefully until well combined. Carefully slice the corn off the cobs and add to the bowl, along with the oil. Season with salt and pepper.


Like it spicy? Add 1 diced jalapeno for extra kick.

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