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Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits

Impress friends and family with homemade cookie kits that provide them with all the fun of decorating without any of the hassle of baking.

Serves 40
Ready in 30 mins
Prep time 30 mins
369 calories per serving


> 2 (20 oz) containers store-bought round sugar cookies
> Resealable sandwich bags, as needed
> 4 (16 oz) cans vanilla frosting
> Red food coloring or gel coloring
> Green food coloring or gel coloring
> 10 disposable piping bags and rubber bands
> 2 (6.8 oz) containers Christmas or rainbow sprinkles
> 1/2 (10 oz) bag semisweet mini chocolate chips
> Red and green sanding sugar, as needed (optional)
> Resealable snack bags, as needed
> 5 (7x8 inch) gift tins
> Twine or ribbons (optional)


Add 8 sugar cookies to each of 5 resealable sandwich bags. Divide the frosting evenly into 2 large mixing bowls. Add the red food coloring to one bowl, and the green food coloring to the other. Mix to fully combine.
Divide red icing into 5 piping bags, tying with rubber bands and trimming bags if needed. Repeat with green icing and remaining 5 piping bags. Divide the sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and sanding sugar (if using) evenly among snack resealable bags, creating 5 bags for each.
Assemble each gift tin with 1 cookie bag, 1 piping bag of each color, and decorating bags. Tie with twine or ribbons, if desired.


To get a vibrant color for the frosting, use gel frosting.

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