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6 Easy Mocktails

If you’re ready for a reset in the New Year, join thousands who are giving up alcohol this month—a social media craze known as Dry January. These non-alcoholic drinks let you enjoy a special sipper while sticking to your goals. Many have even more healthful benefits. Cheers! 

Cucumber-Mint Faux-jitos

Fresh mint and lime—key ingredients in a traditional mojito—make this sipper so refreshing. Cucumber feels right at home with these flavors and is also great for your skin. Spa day anyone?

Strawberry-Mango Slushies

Strawberry, mango, and cranberry juice (great for kidney and heart health) combine in this childhood-inspired treat. Just sip slowly so you don’t get a brain freeze!

Pineapple Sparklers 

This fresh orange-and-pineapple drink is pure sunshine in a glass. Frozen chunks of pineapple help keep it cold. Bonus: It’s high in cold-fighting vitamin C.

Mulled Cider

Skip the hot toddies and enjoy this warm-spiced apple cider instead. The slow cooker keeps it warm all afternoon and makes your home smell amazing. 

Cucumber-Lemon Kombucha Mocktail

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea and sugar until bubbly and tart—great for digestion. Orange, honey, mint, and cucumber make it feel like a party-worthy cocktail without the alcohol.

Pomegranate-Raspberry Iced Tea

Fresh raspberries and tart, ruby-colored pomegranate juice dress up this iced tea. The juice makes this drink feel like a glass of wine, complete with plenty of antioxidants.

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