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July August 2023

7 Homemade Relishes to Save Your Summer

Savor the flavor of peak produce all season long
July August 2023

Summer is here and your kitchen is overflowing with summer produce. Make the most of peak season tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and more with these simple and scrumptious sauces. Spoon them onto grilled meat for an instant meal upgrade, or dunk some fresh bread for an easy, seasonally inspired appetizer. 

Super-Quick Hot Pepper Relish

Transform a can of tomatoes into your new favorite spicy relish in less than 30 minutes. To bump up the heat, include the seeds of the jalapeño. Try it on a hot dog or hamburger instead of ketchup. 

Peach Relish

Make the most of peak season peaches with this sweet and succulent sauce. Serve it over pork tenderloin or try it as an unexpected, summery garnish for a martini.  

Summer Garden Relish

This versatile relish is the perfect way to use up your overflowing produce basket. Packed with summer veggies like zucchini and corn, this tangy, sweet sauce is perfect for topping plain proteins, like in this vegan-friendly grilled tofu recipe, or as dip for chips and crackers. 

Eggplant Caponata

Caponata is a classic Italian pasta sauce made of jammy, sweet tomatoes and tangy caramelized eggplant. Spoon over white cod for a restaurant-worthy dinner at home or  scoop onto grilled focaccia for savory snack. 

Pennsylvania Dutch Chow Chow

This chunky relish from the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country works as a hearty condiment or plant-powered side dish. The mix of five summer veggies and kidney beans gets its savory tang from a cider vinegar brine with mustard seed and turmeric. 

Pickled Pepper and Pineapple Relish

A can of crushed pineapple helps speed prep for this four-ingredient relish to just five minutes. Look for pickled jalapeños, which add briny flavor with a bit less heat than fresh, in the condiment aisle. To crank up the heat, fresh jalapeños can be substituted.  

Mediterranean Olive and Pepper Relish

This Mediterranean-inspired relish adds briny flavor and crunch to mild tilapia or any flaky white fish. Tricolored peppers and green olives turn this simple sauce into a vibrant topping and garnish in one.  

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