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Chanukah Celebration

Chanukah Holiday holiday party Chanukah menu

Classic Latkes 

A great latke is like a blank canvas for all kinds of toppings, from smoked salmon and sour cream to fruity jams. Fry these up quickly with fresh and easy ingredients, then serve with a mix and match toppings bar.


Slow Cooker Mini Brisket Sliders 

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as tender, slow-cooked brisket. This is a true set-it-and-forget-it meal that develops its flavor in a totally hands-off way. Spoon it over slider buns for a handheld variation on a well-loved classic.


Noodle Kugel Squares 

If you’ve never had this sweet noodle pudding, now’s the time. Warm noodles and creamy cheeses spiked with cinnamon sugar might sound like an unusual combo, but this casserole-type Jewish dessert has earned its place on the short list of Chanukah must-haves.


Mini Fried Pies 

Dessert doesn’t get any easier than this! Ready-to-bake pie crust and a good, fruity jam are the keys to making these delicious little pies for a crowd without spending hours in the kitchen. Once you’ve got the technique down (which won’t take long) start switching up the fillings and find your own signature favorite.


Hard Cider Cocktail 

Hard cider is a fall party favorite, but we’ve got a twist you won’t want to miss. Smooth and cinnamon-y, with notes of maple, Bourbon and amaretto, this is one of our favorite ways to make the most of the season’s apple harvest.


Cucumber Salad with Horseradish Dressing 

Go ahead, have that extra square of Kugel. Then, balance things out with a light and leafy salad with bite. Mixed greens and English cucumber mingle with a punchy horseradish dressing and thinly sliced red onion, so the flavor factor is worthy of your holiday table. 

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