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How to Have a Meaningful Chrismukkah Celebration

Sprinkle your seasonal get-together with good taste and holiday cheer, no matter what you celebrate.

What makes December “the most wonderful time of the year” isn’t under the tree or atop the menorah. No matter what, where, or how you celebrate, holiday magic starts by gathering with friends and family. A Chrismukkah get-together, which combines elements of both Christmas and Hanukkah, lets you multiply the joy with an event that’s seasonal, festive, and inclusive.

“Growing up, I was always so curious about what happened during the eight nights of Hanukkah,” says Savory writer, Brooks. “Meanwhile, my Jewish husband dreamed about having a Christmas tree and his own stocking. Now we celebrate Chrismukkah with our two boys and throw a party every year. Watching them play dreidel under the mistletoe is the best of both worlds and the kids absolutely love it.” Make this hybrid holiday the event of the year at your home with delicious recipes and small-but-special touches that will fill everyone’s cup to the brim with cheer. 

Light the night and deck the halls
Set the stage for celebration with décor that incorporates both Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter themes. Candles are an easy, inexpensive way to bring holi-dazzle while giving a nod to Hanukkah. Mix and match menorahs and candlesticks with candles of varying sizes to create warm, casual ambiance. Homemade decorations, like these Italian dip ornaments and a holiday house made from graham crackers, will spark conversation as well as holiday joy.

Ladle up holiday spirit(s)
Give yourself the gift of not playing bartender before the party starts by mixing up festive, big batch cocktails and mocktails, which can double as an eye-catching centerpiece. Fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs, and clove-studded apple slices garnish this Christmas cranberry punch that looks as good as it tastes. If your guest list includes both kids and adults, consider alcohol-optional beverages that let everyone enjoy a seasonal sip. Creamy coquito, a Puerto Rican riff on eggnog made with coconut milk, is equally delicious with or without a splash of spiced rum. “My mother-in-law always puts out the sweet kosher wine for Hanukkah even though nobody really likes it. Now I turn it into a cocktail with pomegranate juice, which is a nod to the holiday that everybody loves,” Brooks says.

Serve a simple but spectacular spread
Whether you’re hosting a mid-day mingler or a nighttime party, be sure to include menu items that reflect both Christmas and Hanukkah. Themed appetizers, like this tear-and-share spinach-artichoke wreath, mini latkes and toppings bar, and a Christmas tree cheese ball, serve double duty as delicious snacks and holiday mood-setters. To knock out a whole party’s worth of appetizers without turning on the oven or stove, nothing beats a festive grazing board customized with any of your favorite holiday bites.

End on a sweet note
Sweet treats and the holidays go together like Santa and his reindeer, but that doesn’t have to mean hours spent baking. Look for desserts that get a head-start with pre-made items from the store, like these traditional Hanukkah donuts made with biscuit dough, an impressive dessert tower made with frozen cream puffs, or flaky babka made with crescent dough.

Send guests home with a seasonal gift
Sharing holiday magic doesn’t have to stop when the party ends. Give your guests a little something that will spread Chrismukkah joy and encourage them to pay it forward all season long. Aromatic candied nuts, a DIY cookie decorating kit, or homemade Hanukkah gelt are all tasty ways to pass along an extra dose of holiday cheer.  

Happy Chrismukkah from all your friends at Savory!

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