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Blueberry-Basil Green Tea Spritzer
dry January

6 Groceries To Help You Succeed During Dry January​

Explore the world of zero-proof cocktails
dry January


Fun fact: An estimated one in five Americans participated in Dry January last year. And beyond the new year, more people than ever are exploring the wide world of non-alcoholic beverages in the form of zero-proof cocktails, wines, and craft beers for the sake of their everyday health. So if you pledged to shelf the booze this month, trust that you’re not alone.

Still, changing your routine in any way can feel daunting. That’s why we put together a grocery list to help you stock up on supplies for healthy sips that will feel just as exciting and indulgent as a cocktail — minus the alcohol. 

Citrus Kombucha Mocktail 

1. Kombucha 

The fizzy fermented tea can make a great base for mocktails thanks to its tangy, acidic flavor. It also comes with some potential probiotic and digestive benefits, unlike other sparking drinks (ahem, sugary soda!). Just note that kombucha does contain trace amounts of alcohol — 0.5 percent or less — so if you’re pregnant or in recovery, it’s likely not a suitable beverage for you. We love it in this Citrus Kombucha Mocktail, which combines ginger kombucha with lemonade, lime, and cucumber for a truly refreshing drink. 

Agua Frescas 

2. Club soda or seltzer 

If you plan on making lots of mocktails — or just generally prefer bubbles in your water — you’ll want to have lots of club soda or seltzer on hand. (Club soda has extra minerals, seltzer does not, so their flavor is a bit different.) These sparkling drinks are great on their own but can also be used to add bubbles to mocktails without added sugar. Try it in this take on agua fresca. 

Cucumber-Mint Faux-jitos

3. Fresh herbs

Just as fresh herbs add unique flavor and brightness to your cooking, so do they elevate everyday drinks to something special. Muddle basil in the bottom of a glass, then top with club soda for a savory sip, or just add a sprig of rosemary and thyme to grapefruit juice for an unexpected flavor boost. Or try combining cucumber and mint to make faux-jitos 

Blueberry-Basil Green Tea Spritzer

4. Tea 

On its own, tea is a fantastic source of heart-healthy antioxidants and lower doses of caffeine. But it’s also a great mocktail base option, since it adds lots of flavor without being overly sweet. This blueberry tea spritzer uses green tea, but you can try making drinks using peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile, or any other of your favorite blends.  

Green Juice

5. Leafy greens

Looking for an immunity boost? Leafy green vegetables like kale, chard, and spinach are packed with vitamin C and other good-for-you nutrients. Blending or juicing them along with some fruit not only mixes up what you’re drinking this month but also gives you an extra dose of veggies with each sip.  

Mint and Ginger Syrup

6. Ginger

Ginger is a staple in many mixed drinks, but its sweet heat adds a punch to anything you sip on. Plus, the root is great for soothing the tummy troubles many of us encounter after the holidays. Boil some sliced ginger with hot water and lemon, then strain into a glass for a restorative drink. Or boil it down slightly with some mint and sugar to make a syrup that you can use to sweeten teas, lemonades, or mocktails.  

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