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Halloween Party

No tricks here, folks, just treats. Your Halloween party will be the event of the season and all the neighbors are going to be lining up at the door for these ghoulishly great Halloween goodies.

 Vampire Apples

“I’m going to bite your neck.” Well, not really, but these crazy vampire apples are so good, they’ll be gone in two bites.

Creepy Bagel Pizzas

Don’t be scared. These yummy bagel pizzas are only creepy to look at. The taste will keep you coming back for another.

Crispy Monster Treats

Let’s do the mash, the monster mash…  Better yet, let’s do the crispy monster mash with these classic marshmallow rice treats on spooky steroids.

Mummy Cupcakes

Chocolatey devil’s food gets wrapped up in this yummy, mummy cupcake.

Pimiento Cheese Eyeballs

Ok, these are scary, but, once you get past the fear, these bite sized nuggets will be your new, fav poppers.

Skull Dipper

C’mon, you have to admit, these are cute. And, a good option for the more health conscious guests.

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