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In Season: Grapes

This season, we’re taking grapes from the lunchbox to the dinner table. Have you ever eaten them warm? Roasted? Sautéed? If not, you’re in for a treat. Fresh grapes add a ripe, succulent air to so many savory dishes, and their sweetness just might entice the kids to try something new. Here are 5 of our favorites, straight off the vine. 
In Season grapes

Brussels Sprouts with Grapes  

When you sear Brussels sprouts in a cast iron skillet, they take on a caramelized edge that sweetens their appeal. When you add honey, juicy grapes and crunchy walnuts, you’ve got off-the-charts fall flavor that is unexpectedly welcome by kids and adults alike.

Mini Grape Upside-Down Cakes  

Move over, pineapple! Grapes are staking their claim on this classic dessert with an entirely new twist. Start with a simple box mix, add citrus zest and crisp, ripe grapes, and bake until golden. They’re utterly magical when warm, but they make a fun lunchbox surprise, too.

Pork with Roasted Grapes, Beans and Potatoes  

Sweet grapes and fragrant fresh herbs are a match made in heaven! Tender pork chops simply don’t get any sweeter than these, topped with a honeyed grape sauce and served with roasted potatoes and snappy green beans.

Quinoa, Radish and Grape Salad  

Oh, honey! This is the salad you want to bring to dinner at a friend’s house. Or maybe a Friendsgiving celebration? Even if it’s just a simple night at home with the family, this blend of seasonal ingredients – from sweet to peppery to creamy and crunchy – will have you wanting to come up with an excuse to make it again. Serve as an entrée over greens or scoop with chips as a flavor-packed appetizer.

Slow Roasted Salmon with Grape Salsa  

Salmon is the little black dress of proteins. It pairs well with so many things, from spicy to sweet – and this recipe is no exception. Fresh red grapes, chopped and tossed with green onions and kicky jalapeño, are they key to keeping dinner interesting and new. We add cilantro for even more fresh flavor, but parsley works, too.



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