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Quick Dinner Options

Soccer games, dance classes, dentist appointments… who has time to make a time consuming dinner that will please the whole family. Well, now you do with these easy and delicious 15 minute meals.
family meals quick dinners

Taco Salad with Avocado Ranch

It’s a Mexican fiesta in a bowl and it’s so easy you won’t have to wait until Cinco de Mayo to make it.

Strip Steaks with Roasted Fingerlings

Steak and potatoes isn’t just for men. This kicked up version adds a dash of spice with chili powder on the steak and some savory garlic for the potatoes.

Veggie Pizza Quesadillas

If a pizza and a tortilla had a baby, this would be the delicious result. Quick, easy, and wonderfully tasty.

Orange Chicken with Cashews

Forget about takeout. You can make this yummy stir-fry at home and don’t have to get in the car. If you like regular rice instead of cauliflower rice, just swap it out.

Bowtie Pasta with No Cook Tomato Sauce

Seriously, this is so easy that it may become your weekly go to meal. And, hey, it’s pasta, so everyone will be happy.

Grilled Veggie Burgers

No need to ask, “Where’s the beef?”, with these veggie burgers. Black beans and rice add some heartiness and chili powder adds a little kick.

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