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Spooky Halloween Desserts

Perfect for the Spookiest Party of the Year
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Spooky Brownies 

Easy is an understatement when it comes to these cute Halloween ghost brownies. But don’t worry, they’re still scary good. Pre-made vanilla frosting gets smooth and pourable when you pop it in the microwave – perfect for coating these not-so-tricky treats!

Spiderweb Cookies  

Dark chocolate covered cookies with creamy white spiderwebs will help you turn any October evening into fright night. Ideal for classroom treats, since you can make them a night or two ahead of time. Oh, and don’t stress about the decorating. All you need is a plastic bag and a toothpick! Watch our quick video to see how.

Halloween Candy Carrot Cake  

Here’s a fun way to use some of that extra Halloween candy. An extra-rich, coconutty carrot cake, coated with chocolate cream cheese icing and decorated with the best from your trick-or-treat haul. For adults and kids alike, it’s a seasonal centerpiece worth sharing!

Meringue Ghost Cookies  

Meringue is light, crisp and sweet – and when you add spooky eyes, it takes on a life of its own! These treats are simple and easy to make, and kids love their fun texture. Serve them as they are, or use them to top Halloween cupcakes.

Freaky Fingers   

These creepy Halloween cookies are real nail-biters! Crunchy almonds make the details on these buttery finger cookies, and a drizzle of red gel adds the frightening finishing touch.

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