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Antipasti Tree

This showstopping cheese and salami appetizer will be the talk of your next holiday gathering.

Serves 12
Ready in 20 mins
Prep time 20 mins
325 calories per serving


> 1 (12 oz) jar roasted peppers, drained
> 1 (0.75 oz) pkg fresh rosemary sprigs
> 6 oz extra-sharp Cheddar
> 1 (8 oz) chub dry salami
> 2 (8 oz) pkgs fresh mozzarella ciliegine ("cherry size")
> 1 1/2 cups whole green olives, drained
> 1/2 (6 oz) box thin wheat crackers


Pat the peppers dry with paper towels. Thinly slice. Tear the rosemary sprigs into shorter sprigs.
Cut the Cheddar into ½-inch cubes and thinly slice salami.
On a large flat board or platter, arrange the mozzarella as a base. Above that arrange ⅓ of peppers as a narrower, thinner layer. Above peppers, arrange the olives. Above olives, arrange another ⅓ of peppers. Above the peppers, arrange salami. Above salami, arrange remaining ⅓ of peppers. Above the peppers, arrange Cheddar.
Arrange some pieces of rosemary at top of “tree.” Stick any remaining rosemary in and around tree to create branches. Place short stack of crackers as tree stump at bottom. Serve with remaining crackers on the side.

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