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Baked Chicken Tenders and Fries

We all have guilty pleasures. Indulge your cravings without sabotaging your diet, with this easy recipe focused on simple ingredients and quick prep-time.

Serves 4
Ready in 30 mins
Prep time 10 mins
Cooking time 20 mins
428 calories per serving


> 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
> 1 tsp garlic powder
> 1 tsp paprika
> 2 large eggs
> 3 cups crushed cornflakes
> 1 (1 lb) pkg Nature's Promise® boneless, skinless chicken tenders
> 13 oz frozen  French fried potatoes (half a 26 oz. pkg)
> 1 tbsp honey
> 3 tbsp Nature's Promise® Barbecue sauce
> cooking spray


Preheat oven to 425°F. Combine flour with garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper to combine.
Arrange 3 shallow bowls in a row, filling the first with the seasoned flour mixture, the second with whisked eggs, and the third with crushed cornflakes. Dip chicken into seasoned flour mixture. Shake off excess flour, then dip into egg, followed by crushed cornflakes. Repeat until all chicken is thoroughly coated.
Line a baking sheet with foil and place a baking rack on top. Spray the rack liberally with cooking spray. Set chicken tenders on rack and spray tops of chicken with cooking spray. Cook chicken for about 20 min., or until juices run clear.
While chicken bakes, prepare French fries according to package directions. Whisk together honey and barbeque sauce. Serve chicken tenders with fries and honey-barbeque sauce.

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