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Meatloaf Burgers

All the flavors of your favorite comfort-food classic are packed into these juicy patties.

Serves 4
Ready in 20 mins
Prep time 6 mins
Cooking time 14 mins
462 calories per serving


> 1 large shallot
> 1 lb 80% lean ground beef
> 3 tbsp Italian-seasoned bread crumbs
> 2 tbsp ketchup
> 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
> 1/2 tbsp Nature's Promise® Organic Spicy Brown Mustard
> 1/2 tsp garlic powder
> 4 hamburger rolls

For Garnish:

> Lettuce
> Tomato
> Mustard


Peel the shallot and grate into a large bowl. Add the beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Gently mix until just combined. Divide into 4 mounds and shape each into ½-inch-thick patty.
Set grill to medium-high. Grill 5–7 min. per side or until desired doneness. Serve on the rolls with garnishes.

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