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Rice Salad with Cucumber, Tomatoes, and Feta

This fresh rice salad features Mediterranean flavors. If you like to prepare ahead, steps 1 and 2 can be done a day in advance.

Serves 4
Ready in 55 mins
Prep time 25 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
473 calories per serving


> 1 ½ cups white rice
> 2 cups mixed cherry tomatoes
> ½ cucumber
> 1 cup parsley
> ½ cup sundried tomatoes 
> 1 (8 oz) pkg feta
> 1 (2.25 oz) can black sliced ripe olives
> 1 bunch watercress


Cook the rice according to package directions. While rice is cooking, halve the tomatoes and set aside. Halve the cucumber lengthwise and use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Dice the cucumber into ½-inch cubes. Chop the parsley.
Finely chop the sun-dried tomatoes. Cut the feta into ½-inch cubes. Drain the olives. Allow rice to cool for 5 min. before stirring in tomatoes, olives, cucumber, parsley, feta and sun-dried tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Arrange the watercress on a large, flat plate. Carefully spoon the rice salad over the watercress and serve immediately.

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