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January 2023

10 Easy Dinners That Start With a Single Can of Beans​

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January 2023

Canned beans are a busy cook’s best friend. They’re cheap, packed with protein, and endlessly versatile. In fact, with a can of beans in your pantry and 30 minutes on the clock, you’re well on your way to an easy, delicious dinner. These 10 recipes prove it:  

1. Garlicky Beans and Greens over Toast

When brothy beans meet crunchy toast, something magical happens — especially when garlicky greens are involved. Serve this creamy-crispy dish as-is, or top with crumbled feta, a shaving of Parmesan, or a runny poached egg for an extra dose of protein.  

2. Pinto Bean Quesadillas

A can of refried pinto beans instantly bulks up cheese quesadillas, transporting them from appetizer into main dish territory. The best part? They’re cooked to golden-brown perfection in the oven, meaning you’re not stuck standing over the stove. Don’t forget the salsa and guac for serving. 

3. White Bean Burger

Most homemade veggie burgers have a laundry list of ingredients, but not this one! A simple mix of beans, egg, miso paste, and bread crumbs combine to form umami-rich patties that even meat-eaters will love. Serve on whole wheat buns with all your favorite fixings.  

4. Spiced Chickpeas and Beef over Couscous

Hoping to reduce your meat intake this year? Looking for recipes that combine beans with meat is a great way to get started and cut your meat intake by half. Here, spiced, warmed chickpeas add flavor and texture, with very little work needed from you. Win, win!  

5. Curried Chickpea Bowl

This fragrant, nourishing bowl will instantly warm you up. The veggies and chickpeas are simmered in coconut milk until tender, then served over couscous for a complete meal all-in-one. In fact, we recommend doubling the recipe and enjoying leftovers all week long.  

6. Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

The key to a crave-worthy salad? Packing in as much texture as possible. This one, bursting with crisp bell pepper, creamy chickpeas, and crunchy pita chips, knocks it out of the park. A bright and herby vinaigrette brings everything together.  

7. Garlicky Cannellini Beans with Wilted Kale and Eggs

This nutrient-dense, protein-packed skillet is a vegetarian’s dream. Mashing half the beans gives the dish creaminess and heft, while garlic and red pepper flakes add flavor to every bite. Plus, you can cook the eggs to your liking: nine minutes will give you set whites and runny yolks, while a few minutes longer will ensure the yolks cook through, too.  

8. Chickpea Veggie Burgers

Instead of finely chopping a bunch of veggies for these burgers, you’ll turn to a bag of frozen riced cauliflower and broccoli. Brilliant! The cooking method is equally smart: starting the patties in a skillet gives them an extra-crispy crust, while finishing them in the oven ensures the centers warm through.  

9. Take 5 Beef and Bean Chili 

This easy chili has just 5 ingredients, and is make in less than 30 minutes. For even bolder flavor throw it in the slow cooker. Top with Greek yogurt, cilantro and green onions for crunch, and you’ve got a protein-packed dinner that practically made itself.  

10. White Bean Caesar Salad

The only thing better than a classic Caesar salad? A protein-packed, good-for-you version that will leave you feeling full. Creamy cannellini beans are the perfect contrast to the crunchy salad greens — and prepare to fall in love with the lemony blender dressing. 

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