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21 Ideas for Throwing a Haunted Halloween Bash

These creepy appetizers, mains, and drinks are sure to give gremlins of all ages a fright!

With our spooktacular treats, you’re bound to enchant your guests and make this Halloween one to remember. From eerie eyeballs to whimsical witches’ hats, each recipe adds a touch of magic and a dash of fun to your celebrations. So, embrace the spirit of the season, whip up these delightful bites, and get ready for a night of frightfully fun festivities

Chocolate Hummus Graveyard 

Graveyard dirt cake gets a healthy makeover with this dark chocolate hummus paired with fruit dippers. Your little goblins will never suspect they’re eating hummus instead of chocolate pudding, and you’ll be happy to serve them a more nutritious treat. 

Get the recipe: Chocolate Hummus Graveyard 

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes 

Don’t be fooled by their store-bought origin, these cupcakes will have everyone under your spell. Your microwave does double duty by transforming large marshmallows into convincing spiderwebs and melting candy into ghosts.  

Get the recipe: Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

 Pimiento Cheese Eyeballs 

These creepy peepers are delicious cheese balls that look like bloodshot eyeballs. Make them ahead of time and let your kids join in on the fun by adding the finishing touches. 

Get the recipe: Pimiento Cheese Eyeballs 

Brownie Bats 

These fudgy brownie bats are as playful as they are delicious, and they’re bound to fly right off their platter. Replace the chocolate wafer wings with thin chocolate sandwich cookies for an even more indulgent treat. 

Get the recipe: Brownie Bats  

Black Cherry Punch with Eyeballs 

Dare to impress your guests with this unnerving punch, complete with floating “eyeballs.” Lychees, a sweet and floral fruit, take center stage once stuffed with blueberries in this freaky concoction.  

Get the recipe: Black Cherry Punch with Eyeballs 

Creepy Cookies 

With only four ingredients melted chocolate and a simple sugar glaze  transform ordinary sugar cookies into hauntingly delightful Halloween skeletons. If you glaze all the cookies in advance, kids will love using the chocolate to put the finishing touches on the skeleton’s faces. 

Get the recipe: Creepy Cookies 

Chocolate–Peanut Butter Spider Cupcakes 

Elevate store-bought cake mix and frosting to create scary but sweet  Halloween spider cupcakes. Pitted dates and gel icing create the creepy crawler in the center of chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter-spiked frosting,   

Get the recipe: Chocolate–Peanut Butter Spider Cupcakes

 Eyeball Cake Pops 

Donut holes are the quick no-bake shortcut behind these creepy cake pops.  Grab some Styrofoam or floral foam from your local craft store as an inexpensive stand-in for a cake pop stand.  

Get the recipe: Eyeball Cake Pops 

Strawberry Mummies 

Crafted to resemble cute little mummies, these open-faced hand pies taste like grownup toaster pastries with their flaky, buttery crust and thick strawberry filling. Strips of pastry are used for the wrapped effect, so that only their eyes are peeking out! 

Get the recipe: Strawberry Mummies 

Rigatoni-Pepperoni Pie with Eyeballs 

Rigatoni pie is already an eye-catching centerpiece, but this creepy version watches you back! Melted cheese and black olives turn pepperoni rounds into creepy eyes that stare back at you. 

Get the recipe: Rigatoni-Pepperoni Pie with Eyeballs 

Eyeball Deviled Eggs 

This eye-catching appetizer elevates a standard deviled egg with some olives and blood-shot streaks of hot sauce. Make some kid-friendly by using ketchup instead, using green olives instead of black to indicate which ones are spicy. 

Get the recipe: Eyeball Deviled Eggs 

Skull Dippers

This spine-chilling crudité platter pairs with a super scary dip made with beet juice. Perfect for haunted gatherings, these festive, healthy snacks are easy to make, and the eyeholes are ideal for catching extra dip.   

Get the recipe: Skull Dippers 

Sweet and Salty Witch Hats 

Your guests will cackle with delight at these witch-inspired treats. Sweetness from the chocolate combined with a magical dash of salt  from  hidden corn chips come together to make a frightfully delicious bite.   

Get the recipe: Sweet and Salty Witch Hats 

Skull Cheese Ball 

This ghoulishly delicious centerpiece is a spooky take on a classic cheeseball, complete with eyes and teeth. Once the cheese is completely mixed and chilled, it’s easy to shape into a silly or scary skull face. 

Get the recipe: Skull Cheese Ball 
 Pretzel Brooms 

These two ingredient brooms take only 10 minutes to put together. They’re sure to sweep away the competition as the easiest snack at your Halloween party.  

Get the recipe: Pretzel Brooms 

Clementine Pumpkins 

Not everything needs to be made of candy, and little stalks of celery make these peeled clementines dead ringers for cute miniature pumpkins. Keep the leaves from your celery to make them extra convincing. 

Get the recipe: Clementine Pumpkins  

Mulled Cider 

A slow cooker full of hot cider – aka a steaming cauldron of witches’ brew – is an easy way to serve a  spooky seasonal beverage while also making your house smell wonderful for guests. To turn cider into a grownup treat, add a splash of whiskey or spiced rum. 

Get the recipe: Mulled Cider  

Lollipop Ghosts 

This iconic favor is a classic for a reason: they’re charming and incredibly easy to make. Wrapped in white paper napkins with ghost faces drawn on them, they’ll add a touch of whimsy to your party. 

Get the recipe: Lollipop Ghosts 

Dill Pickle Bloody Marys 

With a name like “Bloody Mary”, we can’t think of a better cocktail to serve on Halloween, especially with all that celery left over from making our clementine pumpkins. Make sure to  garnish with extra olives, which look like eyeballs floating in your cocktail. 

Get the recipe:Dill Pickle Bloody Marys 

 Freaky Fingers 

Crafted to resemble severed fingers, these unnerving appetizers feature shriveled nails made from almonds and red decorating gel. To make the effect even more eerie, use a little green food coloring in the pastry to make them monster fingers! 

Get the recipe: Freaky Fingers 

Monster Guacamole 

This boogey-licious recipe will have your guests begging for more. Olives, tortillas, and black beans help bring this Frankenstein monster’s face to life.  

Get the recipe: Monster Guacamole

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