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7 Recipes to Make When You Only Have a Drop Left in the Jar

Just a dab will do ya’ with these flavorful, no-fuss dishes 
Sustainable September 2023

Is that jar of Dijon in your refrigerator nearly empty? Your friends at Savory like to think it’s half full.  The next time you see that last bit of mustard, jam, or syrup, don’t toss it. Instead, use it to make one of these delicious recipes that make the most of every last drop. These affordable meals are not only easy to make,  they offer a low-effort way to help reduce waste in the kitchen.

Crispy Chicken Salad with Honey-Mustard Dressing

When honey met Dijon, it was love at first sight. Sweet-tangy honey-mustard dressing is delicious on all kinds of salads and chicken nuggets; we combined the two for a family-friendly way to get more veggies on the table.  

Jam Mocktails

It’s easy to turn any of your favorite fruit jams into a refreshing, fizzy beverage. Just combine preserves with sparkling seltzer and fresh lemon juice for an unexpected mocktail. 

Overnight Oats

That last remaining drizzle of agave syrup or honey adds just the right amount of sweetness to this make-ahead breakfast. Mix up the combo of rolled oats, flax meal, and toasted coconut flakes the night before and wake up to hearty oatmeal that will fuel you all morning long. 

Honey-Garlic Salmon with Steamed Green Beans

This weeknight dinner  makes the most of two standby ingredients that are likely in your kitchen right now. Mix a bit of honey with the remains of your soy sauce bottle to make an irresistible glaze for broiled salmon.  

Kale Salad with Sliced Persimmons, Apples, and Walnuts

A tablespoon of maple syrup rounds out the fall flavors of this meal-worthy salad.   Nutrient-rich kale, apples, and mild-flavored persimmons pair perfectly with tangy-sweet maple-Dijon dressing.  

Apricot-and-Mustard-Glazed Pork Chops

We’ve made a drink from the last dribble of the jam jar, now let’s make a glaze! The sweetness of apricot jam balances the tangy mustard base, making this the perfect addition to your pork chops.  

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Maple Butter 

Butter makes everything better, especially when it’s spiked with real maple syrup. This simple, four-ingredient side is easy to enjoy any time and delicious enough to round out holiday meals.  

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